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Somewhere back in the far past of many of our youths someone told you Finance was hard to understand & so many gave it up & left it to someone else. We believe it’s like another language – the language which explains what is happening in your business – would you do business in a foreign language & trust a translator with all the important business decisions?  Why do the same with the numbers?  Let us help you understand finance & apply it to your job, business or life.

Objectives covered:

Understanding financial jargon

Determine how to set, control & monitor a budget

Manage your expenses & save on the bottom line

Understanding the impact of financial decisions

Understanding the role of the auditor & getting the value you deserve from them

Gain the ability to read Financial Statements, including;

The Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position)

The Income Statement (Statement of Financial Performance)

Cash Flow Statements

Save costs by managing your working capital through;

Managing your stock better

Getting your money from your debtors

Negotiating with creditors


Why attend a generic Finance workshop only to be at a loss applying it back to your business? We can come to your offices & work through your management accounts, financial statements or any other financial reports that you use & want to gain a better understanding of.

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“I simply want to thank you for all the great work thus far on Managing Money; the speed, efficiency and sheer professionalism with which you have done this are admirable and much appreciated by us.”


Michael Hay – London Business School

What our customers say

Much appreciated words of praise from just a few of our happy customers.

“Thank you so much for the commitment you have shown to this project. It really has been a pleasure working with you this far.”

Lenore Edwards


“Well done, perhaps one of the most enjoyable training sessions I’ve been on – and saying that about a subject which used to bore me to a degree, really says something”

“Great course, added great value & insight to the financials – thank you!”

Sage (Alchemex) delegates

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