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         Are we Addicted to Busyness?

Are we tired of busyness or addicted to it?  Have you stopped to think about all the busyness?  Probably not, as it’s the tragic death of the pause that is adding to our busyness.  We seem rush through a day without stopping to think (or even pee!), we are that busy!  Silence is filled constantly from the moment we open our eyes, to check our phones, to the end of the day when we fall into bed to check the phone one last time for the day, assuming we haven’t checked it in the night too while your brain is still buzzing in the night.  And it’s not good for us! Forbes are writing about it too – Why Busyness Isn’t Good Business.


At the GLS event, guest speaker, Juliet Funt (CEO, WhiteSpace at Work) starts by observing that “In factories that produce things we are scrupulous about waste, but in companies that produce thoughts, waste is everywhere.”  We have become a society of 100% excursion and 0% reflection which is impacting productivity and I propose human wellness.

So what is the solution?

Find WhiteSpace in the Maze of Busyness

According to Juliet it’s WHITESPACE, a strategic, planned pause aimed to carve out time for;

  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Reflection

WHITESPACE is NOT; Meditation, Mind wondering or Mindfulness it has no rules or boundaries.

How to implement WhiteSpace?

She identifies 4 core forces that drive us to overload & 4 questions that we can ask ourselves to defeat these thieves of time, namely;

                                                        Core forces driving us to overload

De-clutter your life starting now! Choose what’s important to you & realise it’s ok to say “No” to events and time thieves.  The world is too small & connected to do everything without missing out on what is really important to you.